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Any state has its own strategic goals and objectives. For Kazakhstan one of the most important areas of social policy is to provide citizens with affordable and high quality housing. Economic growth and social profile of the State are the basis for establishment of housing construction savings system (HCS) which is regulated by the Law of RK “On housing construction savings in RK” of “7” December 2000.     

"House Construction Savings Bank of Kazakhstan" JSC is the only one bank in the country implementing housing construction savings system. HCS system is intended for improvement of housing conditions of people through attracting funds of depositors to housing construction deposits and granting them with housing loans.

In July 2003 "House Construction Savings Bank of Kazakhstan" JSC acquired Certificate of State Registration of a Legal Entity. In September the same year large scale works were carried out to develop the Bank’s branch network and attracting depositors to make housing construction deposits.

In 2005 the Bank managed to issue the first loan – this was an interim loan. In 2006 the Bank reached break-even operation level and issued the first housing loan. In 2007 the Bank was rated by Moody’s International Rating Agency. Also "House Construction Savings Bank of Kazakhstan" JSC was the first of Kazakhstani banks to receive Quality Management System Certificate of Conformity ISO9001:2000. This Certificate shall be confirmed on annual basis by external independent certification body.  

Further extent of involvement of "House Construction Savings Bank of Kazakhstan" JSC into state and branch programs has significantly extended. In addition the Bank started cooperation with private developers for selling housing through housing construction savings system.

In total since the moment of commencing operations the system as of “01” February 2017 the Bank entered into 1 199 916 agreements on HCS to the amount of 3 099 milliard tenge, savings of depositors are 414 milliard tenge, 130 723 loans to the amount of 620 milliard tenge have been granted.

Credit funds to the amount of 69 200 million tenge were allocated to the Bank from the Republican budget; as of 01.02.2017, amount of 50 941 million tenge was disbursed out of the total allocated funds.  

JSC "Baiterek National Management Holding" allocated funds to the amount of 22 000 million tenge to the Bank in accordance with Credit Agreement No. 120 of 25.03.2016, amount of 2 842 million tenge was disbursed out of the total allocated funds. 

Over the course of its entire activity "House Construction Savings Bank of Kazakhstan" JSC constantly works on improvement of services and their quality. By terms of savings deposit programs of the Bank vary from 3 to 15 years, whereas terms for granting of housing loans vary from 6 to 25 years. It should be noticed that the State provides financial support for housing construction savings system via paying bonuses to depositors by deposits in "House Construction Savings Bank of Kazakhstan" JSC. Annual bonus granted by the State is 20% of the total amount of incentive deposit (but not more than 200 minimum calculation indexes).

"House Construction Savings Bank of Kazakhstan" JSC strives to ensure wide coverage of economically active people in the country to involve them into housing construction savings system, keeping principles of reliability, trust, transparency and high quality in mutual relations with clients and partners.         

Bank organizational structure includes Headquarters in Almaty city and 17 regional subsidiaries.   

The Sole Shareholder of "House Construction Savings Bank of Kazakhstan" JSC is JSC "Baiterek National Management Holding".

JSC "Baiterek National Management Holding" was founded in 2013.   

The Holding’s major objective is management of share packages (participatory interests) of national development institutions, national companies and other legal entities owned by the Bank on the right of ownership and transferred for trust management. The Holding is created in pursuance of optimizing management system of  development institutions, financial organizations and development of the National Economy by the Decree No. 571of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan of “22” May of 2013. As of the end of 2014 the Holding united 11 daughter organizations under its management.

One of key objectives of “Baiterek” Holding is to ensure effective and mutually supportive functioning of Holding corporate group.

To facilitate sustainable economical growth of Kazakhstan through funding and providing support to first priority sectors of economy in pursuance of realizing the state policy, solving socially oriented challenges and achieving goals set under “Strategy 2050”.    

Vision of the Holding by 2023 — a holding being the major financial agent of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan, providing diversification, upgrading and sustainable growth of the country and solving socially oriented problems of the State.    

11 branch organizations are included  in the Holding structure:
— Development institutions involved in funding, investing and providing export support for large scale projects and enterprises, implementation of State Program of Forced Industrial-Innovative Development for 2010–2014 period, State Program of Forced Industrial-Innovative Development for 2015–2019 period and national companies: JSC “ Development Bank of Kazakhstan ”, JSC “Kazyna Capital Management” , JSC “Investment Fund of Kazakhstan”, JSC “SK KazExportGarant” and “Support Center for Public and Private Partnership Projects”;
— Institutions providing support for development of innovative activity and being operators of integrated program for supporting small and medium businesses: JSC “Damu Entrepreneurship Fund” and JSC “National Agency for Technological Development”;
— Financial organizations and national companies involved in implementation of projects in the area of real estate, housing construction savings : JSC “Housing Construction Savings Bank of Kazakhstan”, JSC “Kazakhstani  Mortgage Company”, JSC “Baiterek Development”, JSC “Kazakhstan Guarantee Fund for Mortgage Credit”.  — official site of JSC "Baiterek National Management Holding".

Ratings of the Bank

To date international rating agencies assigned the Bank with the following ratings.

In accordance with Credit Opinion of Fitch Ratings of 11.05.2016.

 Long-term issuer default rating (IDR) in the national currency      


 Forecast – “Stable”     

 Short-term issuer default rating in the national currency


 Forecast – “Stable”   

В accordance with Moody’s Credit Opinion of 27.04.2016.

 Long-term rating by deposits in the national currency      


 Forecast – “Negative”     

 Short-term rating by deposits in the national currency   


 Forecast – “Negative” 

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European Federation of Building and Loan Associations (EFBLA) 
International Union of House Financing (IUHF)
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