Branch subsidiary of JSC "Baiterek National Management Holding"

Corporate social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility JSC «Housing Construction Savings Bank of Kazakhstan has 4 directions:

1. Fair business practice: development of activities for the welfare of society, minimizing social and environmental costs of business development, increasing the efficiency of workplaces;

2. Staff development: attracting highly qualified personnel, creating opportunities for realizing the potential through the use of best practices, investing in the development of personnel;

3. Environmental protection: adherence to the principles of the most careful and rational attitude to the environment;

4. Encouragement of charity and sponsorship: implementation of charitable programs, encouragement of personal contribution to charity.

The goal of the CSR Strategy is to establish the fundamental principles and priorities that the Bank adheres to in managing CSR projects.


The principles of CSR are:

1. Commitment to the mission, common values ​​and vision of the Bank;

2. Providing high-quality services based on the high professionalism of the Bank's staff;

3. Respect for the honor and dignity of the individual and his rights;

4. Honesty and mutual respect in relations with interested parties;

5. A balanced approach in making managerial decisions;

6. Legality of undertaken actions and responsibility for their consequences;

7. Health protection of Bank employees;

8. Openness to relationships with stakeholders.

Compliance with the principles of the Strategy is part of the corporate culture and is mandatory for all employees of the Bank.


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