Climate change

Climate change

The Bank recognizes its responsibility for the environmental impact and contribution to global climate change. We strive to reduce the impact by minimizing the contribution from our activities, rational use of natural resources and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, using a structured approach to managing the Bank's impact from operational processes, and as a result of the contributed impact.

The Bank's objectives in reducing the impact on the environment and global climate change include:

environmental protection, including rational use of resources, reducing the impact on global climate change;
compliance with mandatory legislative and other requirements adopted by the Bank;
application of eco-friendly, energy- and material-saving technologies;
The Bank is committed to the national goal of the Republic of Kazakhstan to become carbon neutral country by 2060 and contributes to global efforts to adapt to global climate change. Due to the nature of its activities, the Bank does not have a direct significant impact on the environment. The main resources consumed by the Bank include electricity, thermal energy and water.
The Bank strives to reduce its carbon footprint and carries out a quantitative assessment of greenhouse gas emissions generated as a result of its own activities based on the guidelines of the National Greenhouse Gases Inventory(IPCC, 2006), GHG Protocol Scope 2 Guidance, in its operational activities. The Bank undertakes to annually monitor the consumption of fuel and energy resources, collect data, and publicly report on the assessment of greenhouse gas emissions.

In order to fulfill the above objectives, the Bank establishes the following KPI/activities to achieve KPI:

Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from the Bank's activities (coverage 1, 2) by 2026 – minus 5% of the indicator of the base year (2023), by 2033 - minus 10% of the indicator of the base year.
Installation of an automatic lighting control system in the corridors (motion sensors) in the Central Office in 2024, in 10 branches of the Bank in 2025, in 20 branches of the Bank in 2026.
Planting of green spaces in 2024 – 150 trees, in 2025 – 250 trees, in 2026 - 350 trees.
Reduction of paper consumption by 5% annually in 2024–2026.


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