Branch subsidiary of JSC "Baiterek National Management Holding"


  • 19 December 2018 216 depositors of HCSBK received keys from apartments in Pavlodar

    On the eve of the Independence Day the mayor of Pavlodar region – Bulat Bakauov and deputy chairman of HCSBK board of directors – Nurlan Akshanov congratulated them with their house warming event. New housing for Pavlodar city dwellers within “Nurly zher” program goes at the price of 120 000 KZT for 1 square meter.

  • 14 December 2018 First HCSBK depositors received housing certificates in Aktobe region

    Aktobe residents Zhanna Sarsenova and Alla Yaskina are going to have house warming event. The day before the city mayor Ilyas Ispanov handed housing certificates to them in the amount of 10% of the cost of their future housing. The HCSBK depositors will purchase the apartments under “Nurly zher” program. 

  • 13 December 2018 215 depositors of HCSBK received keys from apartments in Pavlodar

    On the eve of the Day of the first President the mayor of Pavlodar region – Bulat Bakauov and HCSBK regional branch director – Talgat Bailov personally congratulated them with their house warming event. The new housing in Pavlodar was built within the frames of “Nurly zher” program at the price of 121 000 KZT per 1 square meter. 

  • 6 December 2018 Depositors of HCSBK celebrated house warming event by games and a flash mob

    HCSBK depositors celebrate house warming. HimMashStroy-Service LLP has built comfortable and inexpensive housing in Uralsk for them. The facility is located at the address: Severo-Vostok micro-district 2, house 22. The cost for 1 square meter for HCSBK customers is there from 138 000 KZT to 148 000 KZT in pre-final finishing state. This is by 7% cheaper than the market price.

  • 15 November 2018 HCSBK has signed an agreement with IFC for development of a credit product

    Kazakhstany citizens will have an additional tool for solving of the housing issue with application of international practices. HCSBK has signed the relevant agreement with the International Finance Corporation – IFC – which is a member of the World Bank. We believe that developed housing sector has a decisive significance for stable development of Kazakhstan and financial institutions such as HCSBK play an important role in facilitating the growth of this sector. 

  • 12 November 2018 Mayor's administration of Aktobe region will help 500 depositors of HCSBK to pay the initial contribution for purchasing of housing

    Today, mayor of Aktobe region – Berdybek Saparbayev – and chairperson of HCSBK – Lyazzat Ibragimova – have signed an agreement on provision to HCSBK depositors of a loan for purchasing of apartments. What is meant here is material support of those, who are in queue for housing in regional mayor's administration and who want to participate in “Nurly zher” state housing program.

  • 7 November 2018 Excess payment of provident Kazakhstany citizens in relation to housing loans will be equal to less than 1 million of KZT

    The system of housing construction savings helps citizens to significantly save up on mortgage. It allows the residents of the country to receive loans at the rate of 3.5 to 5% per annum. For this purpose they have to save up in HCSBK 50% of housing cost within minimum three years. As of the moment 1.2 millions of people have used housing construction savings system.

  • 2 November 2018 The first 1000 millions of military service men received privileged loans from HCSBK

    The amount of issued loans was equal to 16 billions of KZT. Loans for purchasing of own housing were issued to military service men at the rate of 6% to 8% per annum within frames of the special “military product”. HCSBK launched it this year with the purpose of supporting military service men. The first loan was issued on the 5th of September 2018.

  • 24 October 2018 Within frames of Nurly zher program 1500 Almaty depositors of HCSBK will celebrate house warming

    Nurly zher state housing program allows citizens to purchase own residential area under the most affordable conditions. Housing within frames of the state program is constructed within the line “Construction of credit housing through local executive authorities” in Alatau district of Almaty city, in Sayaly micro-district.

  • 10 October 2018 About 6 000 military service men will receive privileged loans from “Housing construction saving bank of Kazakhstan

    The first 64 military service men have already received affordable loans from Housing construction saving bank of Kazakhstan (HCSBK) and they have celebrated their house warming. 285 more applications are there in the bank awaiting consideration, the most part of which was submitted from Astana and Almaty.


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