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Launching of “Appraisers' cabinet” reduced the period of loan application consideration in House construction savings bank of Kazakhstan

10 June 2019
As of today House construction savings bank of Kazakhstan is a leader by the volume of mortgage issue. 59% of all loans , which are issued to Kazakhstan citizens for construction an purchasing of housing (as per data of Republic of Kazakhstan National bank as of 01.04.2019), fall to its share. Due to high demand for its products House construction savings bank of Kazakhstan automates bank processes and implements new solutions with the purpose of reducing the time for customer service.
One of such solutions is “Appraisers' cabinet”. This is a special software, which does not have analogues in Kazakhstan and neighboring countries. It allows to promptly make reports on appraisal of real estate and provide them to the bank online. Upon launching of this application the time for consideration of loan application was reduced by several times. For example, if before launching of “Appraiser's cabinet” consideration of an application took 15 days, now this process takes 3 days.
At the moment the software uses 216 appraisers in its operation. Previously for using of this service the bank charged them a fee equal to 2 500 KZT. Since the 17th of June 2019 it will be canceled. Lyazzat Ibragimova – chairperson of House construction savings bank of Kazakhstan executive board told about this in Almaty at the meeting with representatives of appraising companies. She is sure that from this moment the bank will have even more partners-appraisers, which first of all will impact quality of bank customer service.
-As of today House construction savings bank of Kazakhstan is the largest pledge holder. The pledge cost of our portfolio is equal to 2 trillions of KZT. Over the first five months of the current year we issued around 17 000 loans and this is a record high in the history of House construction savings bank of Kazakhstan. Therefore it is important to us that appraisal of real estate is performed quickly, qualitatively and transparently. We hope that other partners will also join the “Appraiser's cabinet”. At the moment there are totally more than 1 200 appraisers in Kazakhstan. While working together we will be able to provide quality services to our citizens within a short period, - said Lyazzat Ibragimova.
While discussing issues of appraising companies at the meeting it was also decided to constantly issue within frames of “Appraser's cabinet” reference information on all made transactions.
At the end of the meeting the bank management and representatives of appraising companies agreed to create a Council of appraisers with the bank and meet one time per quarter for discussing of offers and challenging issues.

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