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In 2019 two socially important housing programs of House construction savings bank of Kazakhstan will help 10 000 Kazakhstan citizens to purchase housing

18 June 2019
Today members of House construction savings bank of Kazakhstan Community council (a subsidiary organization of Baiterek holding) were told about realization of two socially important housing programs. What is meant here are “Askeri baspana” and a new focus area of “Nurly zher” program – loan issue to low income families for purchase of housing.
Within frames of the first House construction savings bank of Kazakhstan program 3 800 military service persons solved the housing issue over 1,5 months. These are record high period and there have not been such instances over the history of the bank. Over this period House construction savings bank of Kazakhstan employees managed to issue 2 566 loans to military service persons, loan applications were approved to 1 224 defenders of the motherland, 73 more persons are waiting for consideration of their loan applications.
The bank explained such a high demand for Askeri baspana by optimization thereof. For receivers of housing payments the loan for purchase of housing is provided at a rate of 8% per annum provided the minimum initial contribution equal to 15% of loan amount is available. Whereas it is not required to participate in the pull and wait for results thereof as it was in 2018. It is sufficient to find suitable housing and address the bank.
-“Military product” is an initiative of House construction savings bank of Kazakhstan and for loan issue to the military service persons we allocated our own money. In 2019 the amount of 58,6 billions of KZT was allocated for this purpose and we appropriated it already. Average loan amount for military service persons is equal to 15 millions of KZT, - explained Lyazzat Ibragimova – chairperson of House construction savings bank of Kazakhstan executive board.
6 000 more citizens from other category – low income families – will also be able to solve this year their housing issue with help of House construction savings bank of Kazakhstan. A new focus area of “Nurly zher” program was specifically developed for them.
At the Community council it was explained that it will start immediately after arrival of finances in the amoun tof 50 billions of KZT to House construction savings bank of Kazakhstan. The money is to be allocated by the Ministry of finance.
-Now the bank has a responsible and important task – to help families with many children and single-parent family to move out of cold and someone's leased housing to own apartments, - explained Lyazzat Ibragimova.
As Sergey Ponomaryov – chairman of the Community council- stated, “it is important to make the process of loan issue open, with publishing of number of accepted applications, issued loans, names of happy new settlers.”
The following persons can participate in the new focus area of “Nurly zher” program – loan issue to low income families for purchase of housing – families with many children, families raising children with restricted abilities, single-parent families with minor children.
They will receive loans at the rate of 2% per annum provided initial contribution equal to 10% of loan amount is available. For families, who do not have money to pay the first contribution, in case of buying housing on primary market it is possible to issue of housing certificates through local mayor's administrations. The loan will be issued for a period of 20 years.
The most important moment, which should be noted, is that program participants have to come to the bank to submit a loan application with referral from local mayor's administration. This referral confirms that a program participant is actually in queue for housing in those categories, which are stipulated for participation in the program.
By means of privileged loan issue it will be possible to buy apartments on primary and secondary markets or a private house. Maximum amount of loan is equal up to 15 millions of KZT in Nur-Sultan, Almaty, Atyrau, Aktau, Shymkent cities and up to 10 millions of KZT in other regions.
In the new focus area may participate those families, whose income per one person does not exceed 42 500 KZT. For example, if a family consists of 5 persons its total income shall not exceed 212 500 KZT.
Thus, in case housing costs 9 millions of KZT the payment under housing construction savings system shall be equal to 47 400 KZT for the first eight years under preliminary loan, the subsequent 11 years it is required to re-pay 31 760 KZT for the housing loan.

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