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House construction savings bank of Kazakhstan issued first privileged loans to families with many children.

17 May 2019
All new settlers are participants of “Bakytty otbasy” city housing program. It was launched by Almaty mayor's administration jointly with House construction savings bank of Kazakhstan in March 2019 and today first new settlers, who bought housing under this program, were congratulated by Almaty city mayor – Bauyrzhan Baibek and deputy chairperson of House construction savings bank of Kazakhstan (subsidiary organization of Baiterek holding) executive board – Zhanar Zhubaniyazova.
-As of today more than 23 thousands of city residents, who need housing, are in queue for housing in Almaty, not small percentage of whom falls to families with many children. Upon instruction of the head of state we allocated them to a separate queue in order to speed up the process of housing provision, we allocated money from Almaty budget and launched “Bakytty otbasy” program. We congratulate today some of the first new settlers, - said Bauyrzhan Baibek.
Applications for participation in “Bakytty otbasy” program were accepted during a month in online mode on portal. Then city mayor's administration having checked the documents approved the list of candidates for privileged loan issue and issued referrences to House construction savings bank of Kazakhstan.
-At this moment House construction savings bank of Kazakhstan accepted loan applications from 345 families, 195 of whom found apartments and now are getting ready to receive loans, 12 families with many children already received loans in the amount of 180 millions of KZT and today we congratulate them with this event. They received the loans at the lowest rate in the country – 2% per annum provided 10% initial contribution is available. Families, who were not able to pay the initial contribution, received aid from Almaty mayor's administration, which issued housing certificates in the amount of one million KZT, - explained Zhanar Zhubaniyazova.
Loans under “Bakytty otbasy” are issued for purchase of new housing. Maximum loan amount is equal to 15 millions of KZT. Head of state instructed to support families with many children and increase affordability of housing to them at XVIII congress of Nur Otan party. Almaty became the first city, which thoroughly launched “Bakytty otbasy” housing program for families with many children through allocating money for this from city budget. Through this hundreds of Almaty families are now able to move from someone's leased housing to their own apartments.

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