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HCSBK has signed an agreement with IFC for development of a credit product

15 November 2018
Kazakhstany citizens will have an additional tool for solving of the housing issue with application of international practices. HCSBK has signed the relevant agreement with the International Finance Corporation – IFC – which is a member of the World Bank.

-We believe that developed housing sector has a decisive significance for stable development of Kazakhstan and financial institutions such as HCSBK play an important role in facilitating the growth of this sector. HCSBK is an ideal partner in our efforts for strengthening of competitiveness of banking sector and ensuring of financial inclusiveness in Kazakhstan, – noted Cassandra Colbert, IFC regional director in Central Asia.

Development of a new credit product will consist of several stages and will be finished by the end of 2019. First of all IFC will conduct analysis of current bank activity then it will perform segmentation of the existing client base. In order to understand needs of customers international experts will study their field of activity, income level, geographic location. On the basis of these data the existing product line and HCSBK business processes will be improved as well as a new credit product will be developed.

-As of today the system of housing construction savings is the most affordable way of purchasing a housing in Kazakhstan. More than 1.2 millions of Kazakhstany citizens trust it, and this is 13.1% of economically active population share of the country. We have already helped to improve housing conditions of 165 000 Kazakhstany citizens. In October of the current year alone 4500 citizens celebrated house warming event and this is the historical achievement. In order to increase the number of house warming events among HCSBK depositors the bank goes to the international level. This will attract additional investments and will help to implement new tools for solving of the housing issue. HCSBK depositors will win from such a step above all others. They will receive quality services, which are based on long-standing international practice, and will have their own home, - said HCSBK chairperson – Lyazzat Ibragimova.

Improvement of bank products is one of the key objectives of HCSBK in achievement of goals defined by the bank development strategy till 2023. Over this period HCSBK shall become not only a customer oriented financial institution but also a high technology bank. Major efforts were given already this year in this area and emphasis was made on remote services.

Thus, in May 2018 a completely new service was launched – online concession of deposit accounts. 2104 deposit accounts were realized over the period of its operation. Total amount of savings on ceded accounts was equal to 4 billions of KZT. This money remained in housing construction savings system and helped the persons with the need for housing to purchase apartments.

In July 2018 the bank launched video-consultation. Now through this type of consultation customers can contact video communication manager and receive a remote consultation concerning all HCSBK services.
Own network of consultants also helps to provide remote services to Kazakhstany citizens; as of today no Kazakhstany bank has such an analogue network. HCSBK consultants can come to customer's home or office with the purpose of signing an agreement. As of today the bank has more than 800 non-staff consultants, who over less than two years from the beginning of 2017 have opened 360 thousands of deposit accounts out of 637 498 new agreements signed over this period.

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