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HCSBK depositors in Astana received first loans based on housing certificates

12 February 2019
A Kazakh language teacher purchased in Astana one room apartment for 11,8 millions of KZT. Whereas 2 millions of KZT she saved herself on HCSBK account and 1 million KZT more was transferred to her by Astana mayor's administration. Thus, the initial contribution of the pedagogue was 25%. Then HCSBK, having assessed her capacity to repay issued a loan for 15 years at the rate of 7% per annum with further reduction thereof to 3,8%.
Laura Baimurzayeva received the housing certificate from hands of Bakhyt Sultanov – mayor of Astana – on the 29th of December 2018. Back then totally 90 persons received such housing certificates with nominal of 1 million of KZT. These were not only teachers, but also doctors and policemen. Capital city mayor's administration issued to them totally 90 millions of KZT.
All lists of housing certificates receivers are formed by Astana mayor's administration based on a row of criteria. Thus, as of the moment of submitting of an application teachers, medical workers and policemen shall not have own housing in Astana and suburbs. Also the candidates and members of their families shall have permanent residence registration in the capital city. Besides they shall be depositors of HCSBK and have savings on their account.
Formed list of selected candidates shall be sent by Astana mayor's administration to HCSBK for confirmation of capacity to repay. After this the final pull of candidates is formed and the money will be accrued to accounts in HCSBK within a month. Then the recipient of the social aid is given time to select housing and to become an owner thereof.

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