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First HCSBK depositors received housing certificates in Aktobe region

14 December 2018
Aktobe residents Zhanna Sarsenova and Alla Yaskina are going to have house warming event. The day before the city mayor Ilyas Ispanov handed housing certificates to them in the amount of 10% of the cost of their future housing. The HCSBK depositors will purchase the apartments under “Nurly zher” program. According to the conditions of this program the person shall have the initial contribution equal to 20% of housing cost on HCSBK account in order to receive privileged loan at the rate of 5%. With support of Aktobe region mayor's administration it has become twice as easy to save up such an amount.
Housing area will cost Zhanna Sarsenova 5,1 millions of KZT (120 000 KZT for 1 square meter). She will pay back the loan within 19 years, where the first 8 years the repayment of the loan will be 35 000 KZT, and then it will lower to 24 000 per month.
- Literally a week ago I learned about the opportunity of receiving a housing certificate and here I am holding it in my hands and formalizing the loan for purchase of an apartment. I have a birthday in December and I am planning to celebrate it in my new housing. Without support of mayor's administration employees and HCSBK I would be waiting for my house warming event several years more until I would save up enough money for initial contribution, - says the bank depositor – Zhanna Sarsenova.
The one-room apartment will cost Alla Yaskina 4,6 millions of KZT (110 000 for 1 square meter). She will pay back the loan also within 19 years. The first 8 years the monthly repayment of the loan will be 31 000 KZT, the remaining 11 years she will have to pay 21 000 KZT.
- Housing certificates are the excellent aid for employees of budget financed jobs. I work as a teacher of children music school and in the nearest future I would hardly be able to buy housing myself. Now through my example my colleagues have opened deposits and started to save up for initial contribution. I hope that they will as well as me celebrate house warming event in the nearest future, - said Alla Yaskina. Mayor's administration of Aktobe region allocated 250 millions of KZT at the first stage for material support of those who need housing. The money will be spent for reduction of initial contribution when buying one-room apartments or cottages built in Nur Aktobe micro-district. It is planned to sell totally about 500 apartments.
Applications for receiving of housing certificates shall be accepted in the building of Aktobe city People's administrative support office by mayor's administration employees. The material support may be received by those, who are in the queue for housing in the local executive authority, does not own housing by virtue of property title and will be able to confirm their solvency.
Whereas people should remember that money borrowed from mayor's administration shall be returned back by the borrower within five years without interest. Average monthly payment will be equal to around 8000 KZT.

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