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Excess payment of provident Kazakhstany citizens in relation to housing loans will be equal to less than 1 million of KZT

7 November 2018
The system of housing construction savings helps citizens to significantly save up on mortgage. It allows the residents of the country to receive loans at the rate of 3.5 to 5% per annum. For this purpose they have to save up in HCSBK 50% of housing cost within minimum three years. As of the moment 1.2 millions of people have used housing construction savings system.

All of them have opened accounts in the bank and save up money for future housing. Total amount of savings is equal to 562.3 billions of KZT. Whereas the most provident Kazakhstany citizens live in Astana. 170 771 deposit accounts in HCSBK fall on them. Average amount of funds adding to a HCSBK saving deposit account is 106 000 KZT.

Average loan amount is 10 millions of KZT. Since the beginning of the year the system of housing construction savings allowed 26 000 citizens to purchase own housing, whereas 19 450 citizens among them purchased housing on commercial market, and 7 000 more persons received loans for purchasing of apartments within Nurly zher program. And this index of housing availability became the highest in HCSBK line over the last three years.

-Today, October the 31st, HCSBK celebrates the Global Day of savings. And this day we can say with confidence that Kazakhstany citizens have learned how to save up money. Now the share of participants of housing construction savings system in relation to economically active population of the country is 13.1%. In the year 2015 this index was at the level of 7.1%. To HCSBK come such people, who can plan, count money and achieve their goal. Whereas level of income does not influence the ability to save up, 40% of our depositors have salary lower than 150 000 KZT. As a rule they achieve their goal in 5-6 years, - noted Zhansultan Matayev – director of HCSBK Central office.

On the Day of savings the head of capital city branch of the bank showed the journalists and Astana residents the facilities being constructed within frames of “Nurly zher” program. Residential houses are in the area of Mangilik Yel and №227 streets (close to the clinic of the Medical Center of the Republic of Kazakhstan President's Administration) and №27 and №36 streets (close to motor road vehicle fleet of the Republic of Kazakhstan President's Administration).

Currently the bank is forming a pull for 364 apartments. The cost of 1 square meter of housing in final finishing is 180 000 KZT. This is 2 times lower than the average market price in the capital city. In order to buy an apartment a person must be a customer of HCSBK and have minimum 20% of housing cost on the deposit account. The loan rate is 5% per annum. 1 825 more apartments will be sold in Astana additionally in 2019 within frames of the state program.

You can learn about all facilities under construction within Nurly zher program under HCSBK line by visiting the website

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