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Each tenth resident of Almaty has an account in HCSBK

1 March 2019
Now 186 214 Almaty residents are saving money in HCSBK for housing. 108,8 billions of KZT are concentrated on their accounts. 1000 residents of the megapolis celebrated housewarming party since the beginning of the year. Almaty resident Kunym Alzhanova is among them. The retired woman through HCSBK was able to save money and purchase an apartment in Astana for her grandson.
Employees and depositors of the bank congratulated her today with the important purchase at the opening of HCSBK branch in Almaty at the new address (Shevchenko street 155/6).
- My grandson is now 12 and he already has his own housing in the capital city. In six year he will graduate from high school and definitely will go to study in Astana. His own apartment will be waiting for him there. We started to save money on grandson's deposit account since his birthday, in such a way we saved up half of the housing cost, we re-assigned the deposit to his mother and received a housing loan for the outstanding amount at the rate of 5% per annum. We will be repaying the loan for 6 years, - shared her joy Kunym Alzhanova.
HCSBK loans are in demand among population. According to Republic of Kazakhstan National Bank as of beginning of 2019 the bank share in mortgage lending on the market was 41%. From 1,6 trillions of KZT, which were issued for housing loan, 669,5 billions of KZT were issued to HCSBK customers. At the moment 121 600 loans are valid in the bank. Whereas almost a quarter of loans was issued to loan receivers, whose income will be from 50 to 100 thousands of KZT. 22% of loans belong to those, who has income from 100 to 150 thousands of KZT. 12% more of bank depositors have income lower than 50 thousands of KZT.
-Almaty residents most actively of all Kazakhstan citizens save up for their housing, then they receive loans under affordable conditions. For their convenience we opened a branch in the center of Almaty, in Almalinskiy district. By coming here the city residents will be able to receive the full spectrum of services: from opening of deposit account to formalization and receiving of a loan. Besides bank managers there will be a notary in the branch, which will allow to minimize temporary expenses of customers and receive services in one place, - said Gulzat Simtikova – director of Almaty city branch.
She noted that the most part of loans – 94,1% of bank customers fall to purchase of apartments and private houses, 4% more fall to money lending for repair, 1,2% of loans HCSBK depositors take for construction of their housing, 0,7% more loans are issued to purchase of a land plot.
Most of the time the city residents purchase two room apartments through HCSBK. And now they have an opportunity of directly purchasing housing in “Sayaly” micro-district according to “Nurly Zher” program. You can book an apartment through bank website

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