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Almaty mayor's administration along with HCSBK launches «Bakytty otbasy» budget supported money lending for families with many children

11 March 2019
It will help provide 1 276 Almaty multi-child families with apartments, who are in queue in Almaty mayor's administration for housing. Since today all of them can apply online through specially developed website for participation in the program.
The documents will be accepted during 5 days till the 15th of March 2019 inclusive. Then housing administration will consider applications and approve the list of “Bakytty otbasy” participants.
Participants of budget supported money lending will be able to receive in HCSBK preliminary housing loans for purchase of housing at the rate of 2% per annum. Privileged loan will be issued provided the initial contribution equal to 10% of loan amount has been made. Whereas multi-child families participating in the budget supported money lending will receive 1 million KZT worth certificates from Almaty mayor's administration. This money is intended for payment of the initial contribution in order to receive the loan.
The loans will be issued for purchase only of new housing. Maximum loan amount will be equal to 15 millions of KZT.
- The head of state at XVIII session of Nur Otan party commissioned to support multi-child families, to increase affordability for them of housing and to develop privileged mechanism of money lending through housing construction savings system. Currently a new line is being developed within Nurly zher program, which line will affect residents of all regions of Kazakhstan. Almaty mayor's administration without waiting for approval of new developments assigned in advance money from municipal budget and launched “Bakytty otbasy” budget supported money lending for multi-child families, and soon they will be able to move from leased housing to own apartments, - explained Lyazzat Ibragimova – chairperson of HCSBK board of directors.
Almaty citizens should themselves find new housing according to Bakytty otbasy program. A month is given to them for this purpose. HCSBK employees will help them in this search. Now the city branch of the bank is developing a list of housing available for sale, which is suitable by parameters, specially for this purpose.
In case of maximum loan amount equal to 15 millions of KZT the re-payment of the loan will make 79 000 per month. Whereas HCSBK's assessment of capacity to repay will be carried out according to simplified procedure. The program participant should confirm income for making of monthly repayment of the loan and minimum amount for living equal to 5 minimum calculation indices (12 625 KZT) per one adult person. Expenses on children when assessing the capacity to repay will not be taken into consideration.

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