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216 depositors of HCSBK received keys from apartments in Pavlodar

2 January 2019
On the eve of the Independence Day the mayor of Pavlodar region – Bulat Bakauov and deputy chairman of HCSBK board of directors – Nurlan Akshanov congratulated them with their house warming event.
New housing for Pavlodar city dwellers within “Nurly zher” program goes at the price of 120 000 KZT for 1 square meter. Area of apartments will be equal to 40 to 84 square meters. In order to buy them it was enough to have 20% of housing cost on HCSBK account. Based on the fact that one-room apartment with final finishing will cost to new settlers 5 millions of KZT, they had to collect about 1 million of KZT. Then HCSBK helped them to buy out housing having provided loans at the rate of 5% per annum.

- Our new settlers showed by their personal example that for purchase of an apartment it is not necessary to be a highly paid specialist. To do this it is enough to have a stable average salary and to be able to save up money. In all other respects “Nurly zher” state program and HCSBK will help. More than 8000 Kazakhstan citizens, who celebrated house warming event within state program in 2018, saw this for themselves. And today's house warming party in Pavlodar is not the last one. Additionally a selection to a pull of purchasers will be announced for 650 apartments more, - explained Nurlan Akshanov.

Since housing within frames of the state program is sold under privileged conditions there are certain requirements set forth to the candidates for square meters. These are:
- citizenship of the Republic of Kazakhstan or status of oralman;
- unavailability of housing by virtue of property title on the Republic of Kazakhstan territory within the last 5 years.
- residential address registration.
- confirmation of solvency.

Besides the state program HCSBK depositors of Pavlodar region may purchase housing under “My house” program. Apartments can be bought in two residential facilities at a time at the price of 140 000 – 165 000 KZT with final finishing. It is planned to hand them over to operation in March 2019. Totally 216 apartments will be sold.

All customers of HCSBK without exception may participate in “My house” program and buy this housing. This is advantage of this program. It does not set the requirement of having a housing.
About all facilities under construction within “Nurly zher” and “My house” programs you can learn by visiting website as well as through personal account of HCSBK24 and on pages of the bank branch in social networks.

Currently each 13th resident of Pavlodar region or about 55 000 persons are saving up money in HCSBK for their own housing. Since the beginning of 2018 employees of Pavlodar branch issued more than 2,5 thousands of loans.

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