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202 900 HCSBK depositors received maximum bonus from the state

5 February 2019
The bonus from the state was accrued according to 2018 results totally to 1 038 869 depositors of HCSBK. 28,6 billions of KZT altogether were accrued to their accounts. This is by 5,6 billions of KZT more than it was paid to bank depositors last year.
The increase of the amount intended for payment of the bonus from the state is explained by growth of the number of bank customers. For example, last year 20% bonus was paid to 896 620 persons.
The most maximum bonus from the state in the amount of 96 200 KZT was received by 202 900 customers of the bank. This means that they saved up in 2018 on their accounts minimum 481 000 KZT or 200 minimum calculation indices. Those customers, who saved up greater amount on their deposit accounts, will be able to receive the bonus for remaining part of not awarded amount when accruing it according to 2019 results.
- HCSBK is the only bank in Kazakhstan, which implements the system of housing construction savings. An according to the law the government pays annually to participants of this system the bonus from the government. This bonus helps Kazakhstan citizens to quicker save up for housing and celebrate housewarming event. The number of participants of housing construction savings system, who want to buy their own apartment or house under affordable conditions, grows annually. Thus, according to 2018 results the government helped to increase savings of more than 1 million of Kazakhstan citizens. For the purpose of comparison three years ago the government paid the bonus twice as less – to 537 000 depositors, - explained Lyazzat Ibragimova – chairperson of HCSBK board of directors.
According to 2019 results the maximum bonus from the government will be equal to 101 000 KZT. In order to receive it it is necessary to save up 505 000 KZT as a minimum on HCSBK account (200 minimum calculation indices). For this purpose the bank depositors have to deposit monthly 42 000 KZT in average.
If a HCSBK customer plans to save up annually a higher amount, then with the purpose of preserving maximum profitability he/she can open several deposits for family members and make contributions on an even basis. Then the bonus from the government will be accrued for each of them. When a necessary amount is saved up for receiving of housing loan the accounts may be united and housing may be purchased. This option in HCSBK is called “Family package”.
Payment of the bonus from the government together with the bank compensation make deposits in HCSBK ones of the most profitable. Annual effective rate of return from these deposits is equal to 13% per annum.

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