Branch subsidiary of JSC "Baiterek National Management Holding"

Ibragimova Lyazzat Yerkenovna

Chairman of the Board of “House Construction Savings Bank of Kazakhstan" JSC

Chairman of the Board of “House Construction Savings Bank of Kazakhstan" JSC     

Date of birth: 07.11.1972.

2003 – 2005: Eurasian Humanitarian Institute
Specialty: Jurisprudence 
She was awarded academic degree - Candidate of economic sciences
1989 – 1994: Akmola Agricultural Institute  
Specialty: Economy and management in branches of agro-industrial complex

Service record:
From 03.02.2016 through 21.01.2017:  JSC “Baiterek National Management Holding”, Deputy Chairman of the Board;

From 04.02.2016 through 08.02.2017: JSC “Damu Entrepreneurship Fund”, Member of Board of Directors;

From 04.02.2016 through 23.01.2017: JSC “Export-credit insurance corporation” “KazExportGarant”, Member of Board of Directors, Chairman of the Board of Directors (since 25.02.2016);

From 04.02.2016 through 12.02.2016: JSC “National Agency for technological development”, Member of Board of Directors, Chairman of the Board of Directors (since12.02.2016);

From 04.11.2011 through 04.08.2016: Non-Public Joint Stock Company “Holding Kasipkor”, Member of Board of Directors – Independent Director;

From 17.08.2009 through 03.02.2016: JSC “Damu Entrepreneurship Fund”,    Deputy Chairman of the Board, Chairman of the Executive Board, Member of Board of Directors;

From 17.08.2009 through13.04.2011: “House Construction Savings Bank of Kazakhstan” JSC, Member of Board of Directors;

From 06.01.2009 through 01.08.2009: JSC “Samruk-Kazyna Sovereign Wealth Fund”, Chief Manager of Department for special programs, Chief Manager of Directorate for management of financial institutions and development institution;

From 03.04.2007 through 05.01.2009:  JSC “Small Entrepreneurship Development Fund”, Chief Specialist of Office of Information Management & Analysis of Department of Corporate Development, Director of Department of Corporate Development;

From 11.07.2005 through 02.04.2007: Representation Office of JSC “Small Entrepreneurship Development Fund” in Astana city, Chief Specialist;   

From 27.08.2004 through 10.07.2005: JSC “Small Entrepreneurship Development Fund”, Director of Department of Analysis, Development Strategy and Information Support, Director of Department for Training and Consulting;

From 01.03.2002 through 01.09.2007: Eurasian Humanitarian Institute, Head Teacher of faculty of economical and mathematical disciplines, Senior Lecturer in economical and mathematical disciplines;

From 08.04.1995 through18.02.2002:  Eurasian University after L. Gumilev, Teacher of management and marketing faculty.


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